Bullshit Jobs

Robert Ovetz

If there is one thing anarchists and Marxists agree on it is that capitalism is a system of imposed work in which the worker is exploited to make profits. As Haymarket martyr Adolph Fischer insightfully reminded us, ‘every anarchist is a socialist but not every socialist is necessarily an anarchist.’ In Bullshit Jobs, Graeber has left his socialist behind.

Fully Automated Luxury Communism
Lewis Hodder

Aaron Bastani ignores the actual gains of communism while attempting to do-battle with capitalism over consumer culture; rather than looking to the countless people raised out of poverty, instead Bastani looks to Silicon Valley, space, and music videos.

People’s Republic of Walmart
Sean Winkler

The embodiment of some of capital’s worst exploits, Walmart may be something of an apparition from the future; it has ascended to dominance on the free market through the payment of poverty wages to its employees and ruthless union busting, but its successes have been predicated on a corporate structure which has eliminated its own internal market.

Approaching the ‘Entertainment State’
James Bell

The US has a long history of meddling in film and television, reaching back as far as the early 1900s and stemming from every branch of its secret services and military. Though information on this relationship is readily available, it is rarely presented to the public or even discussed in academia.

Who Killed Cornelius Cardew?
Fiona Norman

Cardew’s intention was the ‘socialisation’ of music. Reading his graphic scores is not like reading traditional Western notation, where there is usually a single correct reading of a note or other feature. But his involvement with anti-fascism, Irish solidarity, and advocacy of Marxist-Leninism, led to suggestions that his death was politically motivated rather than accidental.

Cuban women in the Special Period

Yoseti Herrera Guitián

The ‘90s were a crucial for the Cuban Revolution, as the protective shell we had built with the Soviet Union was broken. Since 1959, Cuban women have always had an active participation in the economic, political and social life of the country, mainly because of their double role as workers and as housewives. These were the outstanding heroes that undoubtedly suffered most the limitations of the Special Period.

Inside the last days of the CPGB-ML
Lewis Hodder

Some members had already left, fed up with the ignorance and incompetence of the Central Committee, while others, against their better judgement, stayed to try and correct the course of the party. But still the Central Committee could only picture the working class a caricature, telling members of the party to lose weight and get ‘working class’ haircuts.

Chinese universities and the new Red Scare
Henry Heller

The threat to universities in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and elsewhere comes from the CIA and other Western intelligence and defense agencies. Based on the long-established practices of the Cold War, they seek to control academic research on behalf of the Western capitalist class and deny China access to Western institutions of higher learning and the knowledge they have contributed to.

Summer 2019 Issue

Editorial no. 1

World Spirit still seemed to be on our side. America’s hegemony seemed secure and Europe was content to follow it onwards and upwards; Francis Fukuyama hadn’t yet reneged on his End of History that celebrated the triumph of the US and its hegemons over the Soviet Union; David Cameron’s promise of a referendum to silence the Eurosceptic wing of his party seemed like a minor speedbump on the far horizon; and Hilary Clinton was sure to take the White House – when, certain of her success, her supporters embraced every opportunity to have Donald Trump plastered on TVs across America to drive home her victory. Plainly speaking, liberalism was taking the final steps of its slow death.