We are looking for articles that critically reassess political theory, contemporary politics, and culture, that are able to historicise ideas, movements, and events and place them in their proper context. You can submit either a proposal or full article in a Word document to for consideration.

If you are interested in reviewing a book for us, please consult our list of available titles and email with your details and which book you would like to write on.

Our articles tend to be around vary from 2,000-3,000 words but we are lenient with this if necessary. Our book reviews range from 800-1,500 words.

When you submit an article, please also include a short biography of one or two sentences about yourself to be included at the bottom of your article. You can include links to any personal webpages, social media sites, or links to previous work.

If you have a particular image to use as a thumbnail and header image for your essay or book review, please attach this image separately with your submission and please ensure that you have the correct permissions for the image.


Style guidelines

·         12pt Times New Roman font should be used with single spacing

·         Single rather than double quotation marks

·         British English spelling

·         References should be minimal and introduced in the text as much as possible. Where necessary, please use Chicago-style citations. No bibliography is necessary.

·         Hyperlinks should be used if you are quoting or referencing online content, and ideally this linked content won’t be paywalled

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